Discover Albert Cummings

The beauty of Infinity Hall to me has been to be able to discover new, great acts that I’ve never seen before (or even heard of before). I’m hoping Albert Cummings will be one of them! I had never heard or seen of Kal David before he came to Infinity – now I’ll never miss him again if I can help it. The same for Robben Ford, Grace Potter, The Duhks and many, many more “smaller and somewhat obscure acts”.

Albert Cummings is a local man, from western Massachusetts, and has fronted Double Trouble (who doesn’t love SRV and Austin Blues?) and has played with most of the greats – BB King, Buddy Guy, Charlie Musselwhite, the Neville Brothers, among others. The reviews of Albert’s live performances are outstanding!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of anything better to do this upcoming rainy Saturday night than to see and discover another great bluesman at Infinity Hall – Albert Cummings, Live at Infinity Hall, this Saturday night!!!

Allison from Po’ Girl

I had a chance today to talk to Allison Russell from Po’ Girl before she leaves tomorrow to start their Fall tour w/ Girlyman! Their first stop on the tour is here @Infinity Hall!! This Wednesday, September 30th!!

How are you?
“Very well, heading out of Canada and then onto Buffalo, NY to pick up the rest of the band. Then off to Norfolk! We gotta get the rest of the crew before we start our tour with Girlyman!!”

How long have you known Awna Teixeira (Po’ Girl #2)?
“We’ve known each other for about 7-8 years and formed the band about 6 years ago. We all met in Vancouver, but none of us are from there. We are Toronto, Montreal, Maine, and Florida… all over North America.”

You were touring earlier this year?

“We tour almost all the time… earlier this year we were all over Canada with Girlyman and we did a European tour. We were in the Netherlands and we are going back later this year. Europe has been very wonderful to us… being a band from America, touring Europe is nice a ‘cooshy’”

What was your favorite café in The Netherlands?
“There was a little Café in ‘Delft’, just outside of Amsterdam. Delft is such a cute town, nice a quaint with these little porcelain dolls everywhere, we loved it.”

Favorite vocalist, and why?
“That’s a really hard question… it changes a lot through different phases of listening. But right now we’re on a Chopin trip. But the first vocalist who really inspired me was my aunt Janet Russell, one of my favorite people in the world.”

Favorite color?

Favorite thing about September?
“My favorite thing about September is the smell of Fall coming.”

Are you excited to kick your tour off at Infinity Hall?

“Absolutely, first time playing in CT… and Girlyman are wonderful friends of ours who we met at a festival in California. They are wonderful, wonderful people and great musicians!”

See you @Infinity tommorow night! 9/30~!

Antje – Valley Advocate Review

Antje Duvekot and Peter Bradley Adams are playing Infinity Thursday, Oct. 1st @8:00pm!! Check out this great review of Antje Duvekot’s new album, by the Valley Advocate::

“The Near Demise of the High Wire Dancer is one of the best records of 2009. It is moody, introspective, dark, exquisitely crafted and brilliantly produced by Richard Shindell. Duvekot plays the tightrope walker on a life’s thin wire and wears danger like a wispy carnival gown. When she describes a relationship as having “no safety net when I fall right out of the sky,” it’s how she sees life in general. “Long Way” is a double-edged song whose geographical journey is mere backdrop for an amble into the emotional unknown. Poetic writing and atmospheric arrangements enhance the tension in songs that blur the line between hopefulness and helpless illusion. With vocals that are a mash of Patty Griffin’s tones and Kate Rusby’s gentleness, Duvekot crosses the wire. Take a bow, Antje.” The Valley Advocate

Blues Harmonica Blowout

Mark Hummel’s Blues Harmonica Blowout comes to Norfolk for one night only! Sunday, October 4th @7:30pm. I got a chance to talk to Mark while he was… “In Lincoln, Nebraska on our way to Minneapolis. Played a place called the zoo bar, it was fun… it has been there forever. Oldest blues bar in Nebraska. One of the only blues bars in Nebraska!”

Growing up playing… what was on your playlist?

“I kind of got on harmonica during the blues/rock stuff… cream was on. Eventually I heard Led Zepplin, and a lot of the real blues players; it got me hip to the harmonica. Borrowed a James Cotton record a buddy had.”

What is your favorite thing about being on the road?

“The average is about 150 shows a year… there was a point where it was up to 200-250/yr. It’s definitely not the long drives… haha… mainly that I’m working all the time. Being able to work one night after the next is good for my playing, the band gets tight and everything else.”

Why is your band mate there called Willie ‘Big Eyes’ Smith?
“I guess he’s got big eyes!! Haha! But yeah, he’s a beautiful guy.”

And can you tell me more about Lee Oskar & Billy Branch?
“Lee Oskar is the original harmonica player in the band “WAR”… he was playin’ on all the original hits… “Slippin into Darkness” “World is a Ghetto” “All Day Music” “Why can’t we be friends” “Spill the Wine” The story with Lee is he came over from Demark when he was a teen, didn’t speak a lick of English… hitchhiked down to San Fran… Lee Oskar harmonicas was the first major company to compete with Honer. Honer blew him off, and he said “hey I’ll make my own harmonicas!” It grew to a huge, huge company, a very famous harmonica,” stated Mark… “Billy Branch, from Chicago as well. A Harp player who has been doing this since his teens or early 20’s, started playing with Willie Dixon, Coco Taylor, Johnny Winter, Lonnie Brooks, pretty much everyone you can think of from Chicago. He was on the super famous cd titled “Super Harps”.”

Once again, don’t miss your chance to see these blues legends all share the Infinity Hall stage on the same night! Oct. 4th!

(pronounced: Aunt-yuh Doo-va-kot)

Antje Duvekot is one of the brightest singer-songwriters to rise out of Boston’s competitive acoustic music scene. She just released her second studio album, “The Near Demise of the High Wire Dancer” on Black Wolf Records.

Antje’s glowing stage presence and sophisticated songwriting will make the night of October 1st one to remember.

Antje chose one of her favorite songwriters, Richard Shindell to produce the album. Richard lent his talent to the record and brought in well respected musicians such as John Gorka, Lucy Kaplansky who have all played at Infinity Hall as well. Lucy Kaplansky who is already scheduled to come back on Nov 20th!

October 1st — Antje Duvekot @ Infinity Hall w/ Peter Bradley Adams, who was named by The Wall Street Journal as one of the “21st-century writers whose songs are worth exploring.” ~ Take me to the show!! ~

Scheduled Interviews — Listen Live

There are a lot of great Artist Interviews coming up in the next few weeks that you shouldn’t miss. WKZE is hosting a series of LIVE interviews featuring artists who are scheduled to play here, at Infinity Hall. Click on the Artist’s name below to learn more about them!!

1. Peter Mulvey – Sunday 9/27 @2:00pm
2. Ty from Girlyman – Monday 9/28 @9:00am
3. Martin Sexton – Friday 10/9 @4:00pm
4. Tinsley Ellis – Thursday 10/15 @4:00pm

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Just click here to listen Live! “You’ll be more than pleasantly surprised. But be careful! Listening to KZE can be habit-forming, and can make listening to “regular” radio stations, including satellite radio, very hard to do.”

Copeland’s Passion

She’s opened for the Rolling Stones, headlined at the Chicago Blues Festival and shared the stage with such luminaries as Buddy Guy, B.B. King, Taj Mahal and John Mayer. She is Shemekia Copeland and she will blow your socks off with her stunning voice and demanding presence.

Shemekia Copeland takes the stage @Infinity Hall this Friday, Sept 25th w/ Pamela Means, the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival’s “Most Wanted Artist”. Pamela has shared the stage with artists including Ani DiFranco, Joan Baez, Neil Young, Shawn Colvin, Richie Havens, Patty Larkin, Janis Ian, and much more. Grab your tickets for this jaw dropping concert now!!