Upcoming WKZE Interviews

The guys over at WKZE are awesome, they have been bringing us the inside scoop on what is to come at Infinity Hall! There is more to come, check out these interviews listed below!

  • David Mallet on Wednesday, February 24th at 9 am
  • In-studio interview with Patti Sinclair for Thursday, February 25th at 9 am
  • In-studio interview with Meg Hutchinson for Sunday, February 28th at 2 pm
  • Nancy Tucker for Wednesday, March 10th at 4 pm

If WKZE 98.1FM is out of your range, no sweat! Listen live online @ www.wkze.com

Tickets for all these shows are still available, check them and our complete schedule of upcoming shows at www.infinityhall.com/calendar

Stephen Bishop

He sang the hit theme, “It Might Be You,” from the movie, “Tootsie,” as well as writing and/or singing 13 other films including, “Animal House,” and “Separate Lives.” from “White Nights.” His songs have been sung by artists such as: Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, Barbra Streisand, Art Garfunkel, Steve Perry, Stephanie Mills, Kenny Loggins, Johnny Mathis, Phoebe Snow, David Crosby, The Four Tops, Aswad and Pavarotti.

Join us for An Evening with Stephen Bishop this Saturday night @8:00pm. Tickets are still available! –Tickets–

Nancy Tucker Interview

Nancy Tucker’s Family Show is coming to Infinity Hall on Sunday, March 14th @2:00pm. Nancy has an amazing way about her, and will make anyone’s imagination come to life. I got a chance to talk to her and ask a few questions. Tickets are only $10, $15 so take the whole family to the show! –Tickets–

What are your views on laughter?
Well already it is a funny question. I think it is very therapeutic, and I find it to be something that really pulls people together. This is a time where it is important to pull people together and for a sense of family. It is so nice to be doing things that make people laugh. It is very connected to playfulness which is actually a sign of intelligence.

The imagination is an amazing thing, wouldn’t you say?
I would say so. That has been the basis of my life, not that I’m not grounded in reality. But the imagination is essential to the human spirit. I can remember being a kid and watching television and watching Dick Van Dyke for example, and the variety show in that form doesn’t exist anymore. So that is what I’m really basing my performances on.

Being a great guitar player, who have been your biggest influences?
As a guitarist, Michael Hedges, Leo Kottke, Preston Reed, and other people who have been really innovative and people who can write a melody. Ed Gerhard is absolutely amazing with songwriting and melody. Tommy Emmanuel is absolutely amazing and so funny!

What age group do you usually find at your concerts?
I find all ages coming to my concerts! The age group I’d like to see at this concert is just that, even adults without children. It is a show geared towards every possible age.

What are your 2 favorite colors, and your favorite animal?
My two favorite colors would have to be a really deep aqua and lavender. And my favorite animal at this moment, rabbits are my favorite animal, but it changes all the time. I have three house bunnies.

What do you mean house bunnies?
Well they are litter box trained and they live indoors.

John Mayall

WSBS 860AM and 94.1FM is doing an interview with John Mayall TODAY at 12:20pm to promote his show this Sunday (valentines day) at Infinity Music Hall. If WSBS is our of your range, click here to listen live online!

John Mayall still continues to remain true to the timeless music, for over the past decades he has done a great deal to popularize the blues all over the globe. To learn more about John Mayall click here for more information, this blues legend has quite an extensive and impressive history! The show is almost sold out, grab your tickets now while you can! –Tickets–

1/4 Century of Music

Patty Larkin has been redefining the boundaries of folk-urban pop music for 25 years with her inventive guitar wizardry and uncompromising vocals and lyrics. Acoustic Guitar hails her “soundscape experiments” while Rolling Stone praises her “evocative and subtle sonic shading.” She has been described as “riveting” (Chicago Tribune), “hypnotic” (Entertainment Weekly) and a “drop-dead brilliant” performer (Performing Songwriter).

In 2010, she celebrates a quarter of a century of music making with 25, a recording 25 love songs reworked with voice and guitar and 25 friends along the way. Guest artists include Shawn Colvin, Suzanne Vega, Bruce Cockburn, Mary Chapin Carpenter and others . 25 is the unplugged version of classic Patty Larkin love songs, created with a dream team of some of acoustic music’s heroes. A collectible collection for fans and critics alike, 25 is eloquent marker for an illustrious career. In the spirit of camaraderie and musical adventure, Patty will unite with many of her musical colleagues in a highly anticipated series of performances throughout 2010.

Don’t miss Patty Larkin on this very special tour! At Infinity Hall with her will also be The Nields, see you on April 18th! –Tickets–

And The Winner Is…

You might not expect Germany to be a powerhouse of Celtic music. In fact, CARA can hold their heads up very high to any band from Ireland, or any other Celtic nation. They can handle traditional styles perfectly, while at the same time adding a nicely updated “now” sound to the music. Their female lead singers are perfectly matched to each other, and the fresh original material is unique while at the same time “stay in your mind catchy”. The band magically weaves together flute, guitar, piano, fiddle, pipes and bodhrán.

This year’s Irish Music Award in the category Best New Irish Artist goes to Cara!

Join us for a magical night of Irish music to benefit the Norfolk Library and celebrate St. Patrick on Saturday, March 13th!! –Tickets–