New Shows On Sale Today!

Capitol Steps

Thursday, November 4th • 8:00 PM

The Capitol Steps are a troupe of Congressional staffers-turned-comedians who travel the States satirizing the very people and places that once employed them. The Steps perform over 500 shows a year all over the country.

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Price: $55, $70

John McCutcheon

Sunday, December 5th • 8:00 PM

Folk music’s renaissance man — master instrumentalist, powerful singer-songwriter, storyteller, activist, and author.

“The most impressive instrumentalist I’ve ever heard.”
— Johnny Cash

“He has an uncanny ability to breathe new life into the familiar. His storytelling has the richness of fine literature.”
— Washington Post

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Ticket Price: $25, $35

Beau Bolero – Steely Dan Tribute

Thursday, December 16th • 8:00 PM

Beau Bolero is a Connecticut-based group, performing the music of Steely Dan. Formed in late 1980, they performed at major clubs and colleges throughout the Northeast until 1984, and then disbanded. Thoughts of reuniting started in 2007 but did not develop until 2010. On May 21, 2010, Beau Bolero returned to the stage after 26 years. We are welcoming them to the Infinity Hall Stage for a reunion engagement. This is possibly the very best Steely Dan tribute band you will ever hear.

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Ticket Price: $15, $25

A New Spin from Chris Barron

Infinity Music Hall is all aflutter as we prepare to welcome Chris Barron – you know, that guy from the chart-topping, multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated, arena-filling Spin Doctors – for a live performance in our 300-seat hall. Meanwhile, our friends at WXCI 91.7 FM got a chance to talk at length with Chris earlier this week. Here’s an except of Chris’ chat with WXCI’s Tim Kaiser.

TK: How about we tell everybody what have you been doing and about the show coming up at Infinity Music Hall?

CB: I’m the lead singer of the Spin Doctors, and we’re still together, but I also have this solo project. We’re called the Time Bandits. We’re kind of rootsy rock n’ roll… I like to think of it as Exile on Main Street meets the Last Waltz. If Exile and the Last Waltz had a baby, it would be the Time Bandits. Especially if they weren’t married when they had the baby.

So it’s the bastard child of Exile on Main Street and the Last Waltz?

Exactly. You know what, I’m using that. It’s going in the description from now on.

TK: See, I’m good for some things.

CB: It’s better than being good for nothing, right?

TK: You and John Popper from Blues Traveler crossed paths early, right?

CB: John and I went to high school together; we sang in the same choir, we had the same English class. It’s actually a funny story, because we started out the year sitting across the room from each other. Gradually, we realized we were the two wiseacres in the room, and by two months into the year we were sitting next to each other.

One day we decided to hang out after school, and he had a car. I was like, “can I drive your car?” And he was like, “Do you have a license?” And I was like, “no, I don’t.” And he was like, “yeah, go ahead, drive my car.”

So we get in his car and it had been snowing a lot. I took a turn onto this unplowed street, panicked and hit the brakes, and I skidded right OVER a stop sign. Flattened the stop sign in his dad’s car. He was like, “Just drive slowly away.”

From then on, we would always hang out and I would always drive his car. John’s the kind of guy where you crash his car and then he lets you drive it forever.

…that’s just a taste of the awesomeness and sly hilarity of Chris Barron in conversation. Tune in to WXCI 91.7 FM on air or online for a rebroadcast of the full radio interview on Saturday, 9/25 @ 5pm.

And most of all, don’t miss your chance to see CHRIS BARRON & the Time Bandits Live @ Infinity Music Hall this Sunday, 9/26 @ 8pm. No matter where your seat may be, it will be closer and more personal than one generally expects to get to a rock god. 😉 Get Your Tickets Now!

Pick Your Tix!

With such amazing shows coming up this weekend…

Sarah Borges & the Broken Singles on Friday @ 8pm

Abigail Washburn on Saturday @ 8pm

Chris Barron of the Spin Doctors on Sunday @ 8pm

…we can barely contain ourselves! So we’re not going to.

We’re offering up our first-ever Pick Your Tix contest!

Visit our Facebook fan page to tell us which of the 3 acts above you’d most like to win tickets to see and you just might win a pair to that show!

Spend Your Weekend with Infinity!

Dear Music Loving Friends!

We are delighted to present this weekend’s great line-up of shows at Infinity Hall:

TONIGHT! Friday 9/17 @ 8 pm: Young Dubliners! This much-loved Irish rock band is well known for their exceptionally vibrant, energetic live shows. This show will be fun!

Saturday 9/18 @ 8 pm: Commander Cody! From his seat at the piano, Commander Cody energizes his band and the audience with a rather wild yet refined rock show. Their album “Live From The Deep Heart of Texas” was voted one of the 100 best of all time by Rolling Stone. Come enjoy this great show!

Sunday 9/19 @ 8 pm: Great Big Sea! This band has a big following and promises to put on an amazing show in the acoustically pristine Infinity Hall….which will highlight the extreme talent of this world-renowned band. Act fast, limited tix available!

And the amazing music continues into the week!

Wednesday 9/22 @ 8 pm: Allan Holdsworth, Ernest Tibbs, Chad Wackerman! Recognized by fans and artists alike as one of the finest contemporary guitarists of our generation, Allan Holdsworth will captivate and mesmerize you with his talent.

Thursday 9/23 @ 8 pm: Maria Muldaur! Platinum artist Maria Muldaur’s “Midnight at the Oasis” remains to this day a staple song on multi-format radio. Four albums on Warner Brothers followed including her acclaimed second disc, Waitress in a Donut Shop, which contained her next hit single, a remake of “I’m A Woman.” Don’t miss your chance to see this legend up close and personal at Infinity!

And when you’re making plans for next weekend, consider this. Infinity is proud to present Chris Barron of the Spin Doctors! Don’t miss this show on Sunday, 9/26 @ 8PM with show opener David Jacobs-Strain.

Thank you for enjoying and supporting live music at Infinity Hall!


Dan Hincks, Owner

P.S. Consider making reservations for dinner before the show at Infinity Bistro, the Best of Connecticut 2010 award-winning (Dinner and Live Music) restaurant located right inside Infinity Hall. Open prior to every concert and for Lunch, Brunch and Dinner Wednesday through Sunday. Book online or call 860-542-5531 for reservations.


ON SALE 9/16/2010:

Jimmy Herring, CONCORA On The Town!, Gary Hoey,
Matt Zeiner Band, Anders Osborne

Jimmy Herring
Wednesday, November 10th • 8:00 PM

JUST ADDED!!! Humble and self-effacing, without a trace of attitude or ego, JIMMY HERRING’s demeanor nearly belies his status as one of the most acclaimed guitarists of his generation. Plying his skills in contexts ranging from classically song-driven rock to technically demanding jazz fusion, Herring’s playing combines a restless, jazz-inspired improvisational zeal with the immediacy and intensity of his rock ’n’ roll roots.

Ticket Price: $30, $45
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CONCORA On The Town!
“In The Family Way”
Sunday, November 28th • 1:00 PM

Celebrate Thanksgiving weekend with On the Town! as they present “In the Family Way,” the first of four shows at Infinity this season. Don’t miss this original review of songs about Moms, Dads, Sisters, Brothers, about home, about asking for family advice and about knowing when to follow it….or just go your own way.

Infinity Music Hall is proud to present FOUR (4) CONCORA On The Town! performances through June 2011. Get 10% when you buy tickets to the entire series of all four shows. To receive the discount package, you must purchase tickets by calling the Box Office at 866-666-6306.

Series Show Dates:

Individual Show Ticket Price: $30, $40
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Gary Hoey – A Ho Ho Hoey Christmas
Thursday, December 2nd • 8:00 PM

World renowned rock guitarist Gary Hoey takes his singer/songwriter talents to the next level with his new album, “Utopia” on Wazoo Music Group, released Summer 2010. With a collection of 16 albums and five top 20 Billboard hits, itʼs no wonder Gary Hoey is listed in the top 100 greatest guitar players of all time. Whether itʼs rock, blues, surf or Christmas, Hoeyʼs command of each style makes his live show one of the most exciting on the circuit today.

Ticket Price: $25, $35
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Matt Zeiner Band
Friday, December 17th • 8:00 PM

It took little convincing for Matt Zeiner to leave college and pile into a van to tour with Matt “Guitar” Murphy of Blues Brothers fame. Matt Murphy was Zeiner’s first serious education in the blues, but Murphy was more than just your average Bluesman. Murphy’s band was made up of himself and a group of top-notch New York jazz musicians. The band played everything from hard jazz-fusion to straight blues. Murphy, himself an excellent jazz player, encouraged the band to stretch out and play whatever they wanted.

Ticket Price: $15, $25
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Anders Osborne
Thursday, December 30th • 8:00 PM

“I’m in the promised land,” says proud American immigrant and Grammy-winning singer/songwriter/guitarist Anders Osborne. The Swedish-born, longtime New Orleans resident is among the most original and visionary musicians performing today. In a city overflowing with stellar artists, bands and performers, Osborne is one of the Big Easy’s favorite musical heroes. His Alligator Records debut, American Patchwork, is a moving collection of soul-baring rock, blues and ballads.

Ticket Price: $30, $35, $45
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Visit to check out our full calendar of fantastic shows and events at Infinity Music Hall & Bistro.

Don’t miss this weekend’s great shows @ Infinity Music Hall!

Dear Music Loving Friends!

We have an exceptional line-up of music at Infinity Hall this weekend and into next week. Please review and consider having a great night out of music and fun!

TONIGHT, Friday 9/10 @ 8pm: Tom Rush!!! Come out and experience one of folk music’s best singer-songwriters….and storytellers. Tom’s rich, beautiful voice and lyrics paint a classic, reminiscent and extraordinary picture. Limited tickets remain!

Saturday 9/11 @ 8pm: Ronnie Spector – “Beyond The Beehive”!!!
Rock icon Ronnie Spector (a voice of a generation-BE MY BABY, BABY I LOVE YOU and more) is bringing her one woman show, “Beyond the Beehive,” to CT for the first time. This is a not-to-miss concert event. A Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee in 2007, Ronnie’s music embodies the heart and soul of female rock & roll. Limited tickets still available!

Sunday 9/12 2 8PM: Keller Williams!!!
Keller is famous for performing beautifully rhythmic, multi-track songs by himself. Considered one of the best guitarists in the world, you can be sure the amazing Keller Williams will give you an amazing show!

Tuesday 9/14 @ 8pm: The Alarm!!!
Come out and see why The Alarm has one of the most loyal followings of any British rock group…even when compared to two other amazing bands that come to mind quickly. Enjoy!

Wednesday 9/15 @ 8pm: Taylor Hicks!!! The American Idol winner of Season 5, Taylor Hicks has continued to reinvent his skyrocketing career. Taylor choose to join the Broadway Musical “Grease,” which then toured the USA for 18 months. Come out and enjoy this exceptionally talented R & B, Soul, Blues and Country artist.

Thank you for supporting live music at Infinity Hall!


Dan Hincks, Owner

P.S. Please come and enjoy Infinity Bistro, the Best of Connecticut 2010 award-winning (Dinner and Live Music) restaurant located right inside Infinity Hall. We’re open prior to every concert and for Lunch, Brunch and Dinner Wednesday through Sunday. Call 860-542-5531 for reservations.

Young Dubliners Ready to Make Some Noise

Infinity Music Hall Guest Post by:
Bridgette L. Rallo
The Greenwoods Studio

They’re coming. Oh yes, they’re coming.

Who’s coming? The Young Dubliners are coming to Infinity Music Hall and that’s a fact. Haven’t seen them yet? Then get ready for one of the best live performances you’ll ever see. These guys are so good live, it’s insane.

While any one of the band’s many CDs are well worth spinning, they pale in comparison to seeing the Dubs onstage. They are deservedly famous for their over-the-top shows. The music is a heart-pounding combination of Celtic and American rock and blues, melded together with superior musicianship.

And they’re loud. Wow, are they loud! Loud is the only way to go when you can’t stop moving and the fiddle is wailing and the guitar riffs are soaring and the bass drum is kicking and the Irish pipes are winding through it all. By the end of the show, you’ll be on your feet, pumping both fists in the air and yelling along with everyone else in the room.

Keith Roberts, the Dub’s lead singer and quipster extraordinaire, estimates that he and his mates play a mind-boggling 180 to 250 live performances a year in all kinds of venues. But, he says, the band’s first sight of Infinity Hall last year just, “blew us away. Beautiful room with great sound. Makes ya want to play better. And the food…”

The Young Dubs love Infinity Hall and Infinity Hall surely loves them.

So, get ’em while you can. Tickets are still available for The Young Dubliners on Friday night, September 17, at 8 pm. Sharp.