Infinity Gallery presents “Love and Beauty”, a group show curated by Jon Riedeman

Love and Beauty Group Show

The show features 7 artists from the Northwest corner of Connecticut and southern Massachusetts; Christine Hanley, Ann Getsinger, Madeline Falk, Nina Mascetti Ritson, Katherine Griswold, Michaela Allen Murphy and Jon Riedeman.

The artwork includes a range of mediums; painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture.

The title Love and Beauty was inspired by a conversation between Riedeman and Michaela Murphy. She was describing her experience photographing around the Colebrook River Reservoir and she said, “Sometimes I almost forget about making photographs. I love being there so much, I have to remind myself I need to be making pictures here.” It occurred to him that all of the artist in the group share that connection, that is , that the beauty of their work arises from the love they have for their subject matter; the landscape, the animals, the architecture.

Infinity Gallery is located in the Infinity Bistro, 20 Greenwoods West, Norfolk, CT. The Bistro is open Thursday at 4:30pm and Friday thru Sunday at 11:00 am. The show runs until July 5. There is a reception for the artists Sunday, May 17, 2pm. to 4pm.

“Foxxy” by Madeline Falk, Oil on Panel.foxxy hi res