About Infinity Hall

newvenuespicInfinity Hall is more than just a concert venue – it’s an entertainment & dining experience.

We started with a single location in picturesque Norfolk, Connecticut. Built in 1883 as a combination opera house, barbershop, and saloon, the venue has a long history in the entertainment business. Today, the Norfolk venue retains its original stage and beautiful details, but has been restored to include a world-class sound system and modern facilities.

Our second venue, Infinity Hartford, is now open in the heart of the state capitol. Like the Norfolk location, Hartford will provide an intimate music & entertainment experience, where every seat in the house feels like the front row.

Together, our venues host hundreds of shows each year, featuring notable artists from all genres, styles, and eras. Simply pick an upcoming show and then come experience an unforgettable night out at Infinity Hall!

1 thought on “About Infinity Hall

  1. Hi -when is your hartford location going to open ? I cant wait -i live at the linden only minutes away ! Front street is doing great and you will do well ! Thanks for coming to hartford and bringing your great shows! Peace!

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